5 Home Automation Ideas With IOT-Based Applications

We discuss 5 home automation ideas with IoT-based applications. Security Mobile applications that connect with the home security system such as cameras and intercoms enable the home owner to continuously monitor the visitors from their mobile device screens. Further, all recordings can be directly stored on cloud and viewed remotely. So, if a visitor comes […]

Many Ways Businesses Can Take Advantage of IoT

It’s fascinating to watch billions of devices talk to each other every day. However, this amplification in connectivity brings innovation in the way we relate and use these devices. In this evolving IoT marketplace, the services related to those connected things help reap more value for businesses. Hence, IT industry pioneers are executing new ideas […]

Stress, Elections, And Democracy

It is stressful when we do not get appreciation or even permission to work for the social welfare. It is stressful when we are neglected, suppressed and suffocated by preventing us from voicing holistic perspectives and approaches in various fields. Throttling of activities of individual and global blossoming; embodying holistic solutions; leads to stress! Ii […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Creating your own chocolate covered strawberries is a fun family activity as well as a romantic activity to do as a couple but it is also an easy fancy centerpiece that is certain to leave an impression at dinner parties. People often ask how to create chocolate covered strawberries after trying to do it alone […]

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

For many pizza aficionados, there’s no substitute for a wood-fired pizza oven. However, after purchasing one, you’ll need to take the right steps in order to operate it properly. Here are some helpful tips for using the oven as effectively as possible: 1. Learn the basics about the oven’s functioning. You don’t need to learn […]

Nothing Sweet About Sugar

The definition and context in which the word “sweet” is used varies in the type of sentence you put it into. Like “you are so sweet” meaning you said or did a kind act. Sweet can be used to describe the smell of a fragrance, like flowers or perfume or aha taste. The big one […]